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Solitaire Relax by ONEBOX Games is the #1 relaxing solitaire game on Android!

The free solitaire game is among the Most Popular Classic Cards Games in the world you know and love.
For many people classic solitaire game was among the first games played on the computer. Yes, this card game is very old and very popular among both the old and the young people and this cards game was, and will be popular in all times.

We've decided to redesign this game for you and your android devices to help you relaxing and get rid of daily stress easier and more enjoyable.

♥️ Take a break when you feel the need and play Solitaire Relax!, you will definitely feel better.

♥️ Enjoy Solitaire Relax by ONEBOX Games and experience an easy game play, crisp and easy to read cards, cool animations and graphic effects!

♥️ Play cards just with a single tap, using in game options like undo move, shuffle cards or move hint you have real chances to WIN THE GAME!

♥️ Take a break and Relax with Solitaire Relax game, enjoy truly relaxing music and nice sounds. This Solitaire game was designed especially for relaxing moments.

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Join the #1 relaxing cards game on your android devices and PLAY NOW!

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